Marketing Assignment #3




I hope this message finds you doing well.

This assignment is to fill a schedule of about one page based on some facts on the attachments I attached.


Read carefully all the files/instructions I attached and then fill a schedule based on the instructions and attachment provided below.

See attachment:

1. Instructions.

2. Preliminary_MktgPlanTemplate. (which you need to fill-ONLY SECTION #2).

3. PharmaSim game menu.

4.PharmaSim Student Manual.

If you miss some points in the attachments you wouldn't be able to write correctly.



I will run the paper through Copyscape that homework market provides, and the result MUST be = ZERO.


The most IMPORTANT things for me:

1) Follow the ALL instructions carefully 100%.

2) Finish it on time.


Check out attachments before you make Hand Shake to make sure all of them can be opened. 

IF you need any further information please ask me.


Thank you in advance,

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