Marketing Assignment


Current Event Assignment

MKT 3830 Retailing

How to format your current event assignment:


Synopsis: (first heading)


This section is to be single spaced. It should not be more than one paragraph of not more than seven lines in length.


Why this matters: (second heading)


This section should tell the reader why this article or happening is important to you, retailing, the community, or the economy. How can you relate this article back to what we have or are about to read in the textbook?


This section will be longer in length and should require more than one paragraph. The entire document should be not more than two pages in length with the minimum of one full page. Material should be presented in correct grammar and mechanics of writing.


You are allowed to bullet information but remember to use lead-in a sentence or paragraph for the bulleted information. The written piece should end with a conclusion paragraph.

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