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Case Memo: Benetton

For the case memo, you should write as if you are a senior manager at Benetton at the time the case was written. Address the memo to the CEO and Board of Directors, and assume that they know their own firm. Therefore, do not summarize the case! You should refer to specific aspects that support your professional recommendations for how the firm should deal with these specific issues:

1. Which of the strategies described in the case, if either, would you recommend the leaders support?

2. What are the most important elements of a plan of action for implementing your recommended strategy?

The only source of information you should use is the case material. You will be evaluated on how well you use the tools and concepts from the class, and the quality of your analysis, not based on what might have actually been decided. Write up your memo in MS Word format, and upload it to the Case Memo assignment, using the filename format of firstname_lastnameCM.docx. 

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