Week 1: Case Assignment



After reading the assigned chapters, complete the following case assignment using APA Format.



Please read Bloomberg Businessweek Case in the News, Missed Alarms and 40 Million Stolen Credit Card Numbers: How Target Blew It, page 121 in the text, and answer the corresponding questions (1-4) that follow it.


Here is a PDF version of the required article to read for your Case Assignment paper:

Week 1 Case Assignment Article_Missed AlarmsTarget.pdf 


1. Who are the stakeholders in the target breach?
2. What is the responsibility of each stakeholder group in the breach?
Does being in compliance with the law negate any charges of unethical behavior on Targets behalf?
4. What can Target do to prove it will act ethically in the future and to regain the trust of its customers?


Type all answers in a Word Document and submit it via the assignment link above by Sunday at 11:59pm EST.


Case Assignment Rubric

Thoroughly answered all of the questions: 50

References to course material: 20

Spelling/Grammar at college level: 10

Quality/Content in APA format: 20

TOTAL: 100 points

A simplified rubric will be posted in Comments associated with your weekly grade.

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