Male doctors perform more cesarean sections.

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Do male doctors perform more cesarean sections (C-sections) than female doctors? A study in Switzerland examined the number of cesarean sections (surgical deliveries of babies) performed in a year by samples of male and female doctors. Here are summary statistics for the two distributions:


Male doctors: X=41.333, Sx=20.607, Min= 20, Q1=27, M=34, Q3=50, Max=86, IQR= 23


Female doctors: X=19.1, Sx=10.126, Min= 5, Q1=10, M=18.5, Q3=50, Max=33, IQR= 19


(a) Based on the computer output, which distribution would you guess has a more symmetrical shape? Explain.

(b) Explain how the IQRs of these two distributions can be so similar even though the standard deviations are quite different.

(c) Does it appear that males perform more C-sections? Justify your answer.

    • 5 years ago
    male doctors perform more cesarean sections

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