LTC/328 LTC 328 Week 3 Assignment Case Study Complaints

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Week 3 Case Study Complaints

Nationwide Training, a company specializing in developing and delivering specialized training programs, has been asked to create a module regarding age discrimination to be used in various states and in many different organizations. The company has hired you to help develop this program and to ensure that the information presented in it is accurate and factual. The company has given you a list of case studies to be used for the training.


Read the case studies and identify instances of age discrimination. Identify the type of age discrimination—housing, employment, education, and so on—and the issues at hand.

Write a 200-word sample letter of complaint for each case that the people involved in each case might write. In your complaint letters, include which type of discrimination is being addressed, the relevant issues from the case, and the applicable laws intended to protect against such abuses.

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