Louisiana Women History: Anne Rice & Alice Dunbar Nelson


General Guidelines: the entire paper must be double spaced, 12pt. size font, Times-Roman or Courier style of font, one inch margins left, right, top, bottom and with page numbers in the upper right hand corner.


Page one: the following information must be left/right centered, one inch from the top:

Anne Rice and Alice Dunbar Nelson

Student Course



Pages two and three: These pages describe the accomplishments of each woman. This means that the information should be descriptions what the subject was able to achieve. The paper should also emphasize the women’s connections with Louisiana. The descriptions of each woman’s accomplishments may be of different lengths. However, the total length of both descriptions must two pages - no more, no less. 

All words must be original with the student – no quotes, no paraphrasing. All ideas must be cited by the author’s name in parentheses and page number (if possible) at the end of the paragraph or sentence. Each woman’s name must be centered.


Page four: List descriptions of the major accomplishments of each woman under the woman’s name which is centered. Each item of the list must be citied by author and page number. Both lists must be on one page. 


Page five: This page should headlined-centered with citation information like attached example. All sources (at least two) must have an author. See Example.  Organize the sources for information on the accomplishments of each woman under the woman’s name which is centered.






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