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This presentation is about Michael Jordan, the basketball star

  • -  A formal outline: 300-1000 words long

  • -  A speaking outline: 100-400 words long

  • -  A slideshow: 7-8 slides long

  • -  An in-class presentation: 4-5 minutes long


    In the body of your presentation, you should first provide a brief overview of your person’s life and actions

    -present two specific reasons why your person is morally good. These could be good deeds or good qualities (virtues) of the person. Your goal in this section is to persuade the class that your person is in fact morally good.

    -You will need to do some research for the presentation and use citations as evidence to support your main ideas. As you present, include vivid, concrete details about your person and impart information in a way that is highly engaging and holds the attention of the class.


    -For this presentation, include the five sections listed below. Each of these sections should correspond to a section of your formal and speaking outlines and a slide in your slideshow. (The whole slideshow should be 7-8 slides long, since it will also include a title slide at the beginning and one or two References slides at the end.)

                 Section 1: Introduction

                 Section 2: Brief overview of the person’s life and actions

                 Section 3: Reason 1 (why the person is morally good)

                 Section 4: Reason 2 (why the person is morally good)

                 Section 5: Conclusion

         Make the last sentence or two of the introduction your thesis statement: a statement that clearly indicates the person you have chosen and the two reasons you will present to show that they are morally good.


Use correct spelling, grammar, and style throughout all of your presentation components. You should include APA style in-text citations and Referencespages in both your formal outline and your slideshow.

Begin by composing your formal outline. I have attached a handout produced by Lynn University that will guide you through this process.

  1. Next, prepare your slideshow using PowerPoint. Follow the 6 by 6 rule, use pictures, and make your slideshow professional in appearance and visually appealing. The 6 by 6 rule says that you should have six or fewer bullet points per slide, with six or fewer words after each of these bullet points.

  2. After this, compose your speaking outline. these are in notecard form with bullet points to present



45% Detailed, engaging, and persuasive content (and correct speaking length)

Provide detailed, accurate, and engaging information about the person you have chosen

as your topic, using appropriate citations. Also, describe two clear and persuasive

reasons why your person is morally good, with solid evidence to support your claims. The

presentation as a whole should be 4-5 minutes long.

20% Verbal and non-verbal delivery
Speak in a confident, engaging tone of voice with an appropriate speed and volume. Maintain eye contact with the class (don’t look back at the projected slideshow or at the computer monitor, other than a quick glance when you advance a slide).

20% Slideshow mechanics
Include the number and kind of slides described above. Follow the 6 by 6 rule, use pictures, and keep things professional and visually appealing. Also, use correct spelling, grammar, and style throughout the slideshow.


In addition to the areas just described, the remaining 15% of the grade will be based on:

10% Formal and speaking outlines
Complete the outlines in a satisfactory way, following the instructions in this document and the attached Lynn University documents.

5% Video of your in-class presentation

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