Locating Scholarly Sources


Locating Scholarly Sources

The intention of this assignment is to help you become familiar with conducting anthropological research using the Ashford University Library and prepare you for the Final Research Paper. You will also become familiar with identifying the thesis statement in articles. For this assignment, you will be locating articles and texts from a variety of databases that are commonly used in anthropological research.

In addition to being able to locate articles, it is important to be able to identify the thesis statements of the articles or texts to make sure they will be useful in your research.

You have already been assigned three articles from the “Article Selector” quiz. To begin, please locate each of the articles in the Ashford University Library. For help with how to locate these articles, please view the “Finding an Article in the AU Library” library tutorial.

After you have located the articles, the next step is to identify the thesis statement that is presented in each article. For help with identifying the thesis statements, please review the “Identifying Thesis Statements” tutorial. After you have identified the thesis statements in your assigned articles, please complete the “Locating Scholarly Sources” worksheet. Submit your completed worksheet via Waypoint.

Late Policy: Written assignments (essays, journals, presentations) are due on the specified days in the course. Written assignments will be subject to a late penalty of up to 10% per day up to three days late. If written assignments are submitted after 72 hours past the due date, instructors can give a penalty up to and including a grade of 0 for the assignment.

Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.


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