LIB 315 Week 2 Quiz - Best Tutorial - All Questions Answered Correctly

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Question 1.Confucian scholar Tu Weiming argues that globalization will ultimately lead to a complete loss of rootedness in local cultural traditions. 


Question 2.In “The Historical Roots of Our Ecological Crisis,” which technological change does Lynn White claim was first to turn humanity from part of nature to exploiter of nature? 


Question 3.Lynn White claims that the root of our historical crisis began in the Industrial Revolution. 


Question 4.According to Rosemary Radford Ruether in her essay on “Ecofeminism,” human beings today are “ _____ on the food chain of life.”


Question 5.In her essay “In and Out of the World: Christian Theological Anthropology and Environmental Ethics,” Anna Peterson claims that the Roman Catholic tradition tends to emphasize the separation between the material and spiritual worlds, whereas Protestant thought tends to emphasize continuity between matter and spirit. 


Question 6.What image does Tu Weiming use to explain his concept of an “anthropocosmic” being? 


Question 7.Which three of the following terms does Tu Weiming claim are fundamental values of “the Enlightenment mentality”? 


Question 8.Which of the following does Lynn White mention in his essay “The Historical Roots of Our Ecological Crisis” as features of the Judeo-Christian worldview that contributed to the environmental crisis?


Question 9.In “Christianity and Ecology,” John F. Haught argues that the sacramental approach to Christian ecological theology is not faithful enough to the Biblical text. 


Question 10.In “Christianity and Ecology,” what image does John F. Haught say is “the Bible’s most fundamental theme”? 


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    LIB 315 Week 2 Quiz - Best Tutorial - All Questions Answered Correctly

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