letter to Paul Fleischman



-Students will write an email letter to Paul Fleischman.


-The completed letter will be 2-3 pages in length (typed, double-spaced, approximately 900 words).


-This letter will bring up questions about how Paul Fleischman presents his ideas about race relations, social class relations, culture, history, and community building.  How does Paul Fleishman support his intended meaning(s) on the topics above?


-Do not merely write an approval or disapproval letter to Paul Fleishman.  Thoughtfully analyze the novel and respond to the ideas presented by the author.


-Keep in mind that this letter will be addressed to a professional/published writer.  Remember that the author does not know the individual writing the letter.  Responses to the author’s work should be delivered utilizing an appropriate tone and voice.


-Keep in mind the reason this text has been assigned for class (is this an appropriate text for 3rd graders).



-Consider researching the author – this will help you write a letter that connects to Fleishman’s work, life, and your response as a reade

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