Assume that a fatality occurred at your facility one month prior to the OSHA inspection. Review the citations and penalties that were assessed to your facility, and respond to the following questions:

  •   Which of the citations could be referred to the U.S. DOJ for criminal proceedings?

  •   What conditions would have to be met before the citations could be referred for criminal proceedings?

  •   Which individuals working at your facility could face criminal charges under the Act?

  •   What would be the maximum prison sentence and fines that any individual would face?

  •   What would be the maximum fine that the company would face?

  •   If you were facing criminal charges under the Act, what would be your best defense?

  •   How could you involve the OSHRC in the criminal case(s)?

    Your response must be a minimum of two pages in length, using at least one reference. All sources must be cited in the text and on the reference page, using APA style. 

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