Legal Writing

Legal Writing Project 1



Exercise 1: Preparing a Letter to a Client


In Figure 1, you’ll find a memo from your supervising attorneyasking you to prepare a letter to your client, Jane Smith. In the memo, your supervising attorney is telling you that he

has received a Tax Assessors’ Office Hearing Notice and she wants you to send a letter to Ms. Smith advising her of that hearing. The information that should be included in your letter to the client is in both the memo from your supervising attorney and the appeal hearing notice shown in


Figure 2.When you’re preparing your letter, make sure you use the

letter writing recommendations included in the Legal Writing study unit. The letter should go out under your signature, not your supervising attorney’s signature. The letter to Ms. Smith should go to the property address listed in the Tax



Use the client’s address that’s listed in the hearing notice.



From: Supervising Attorney, ES

To: Paralegal

Date: Today

Re: Jane Smith, Tax Appeal

Our File No. Smith-3-04


Please send a letter to Ms. Smith advising her of her tax appeal hearing per the attached notice. Please make sure she remembers she is to meet me in the lobby ten minutes before the hearing is scheduled to begin and that she should bring pictures of all comparable houses in her area as per our earlier meeting.



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