LDR 535 Week 5 Individual Assignment Client Interaction Strategy

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Consultants communicate with many people on various levels. Employing appropriate influence techniques and effectively using existing power structures are two measures that may greatly affect a consultant’s success. These skills are most effective when used strategically. Analyzing the power structure and organizational dynamics will help you make better decisions regarding which influence tactics may be most effective.

Resource: Kudler Fine Foods Virtual Organization

Review the Organizational Chart for Kudler Fine Foods.

Consider the information you have learned about Kudler Fine Foods.

Create a 700- to 1,050-word client-interaction strategy for yourself, as the consultant, so that you are better prepared to communicate with different members of the client organization. Address the following:

Who are the main players in the change initiative?

What is the dynamic of power and leadership in the organization?

Describe how you might leverage the existing power structure to facilitate different phases of the change initiative.

Explain which influence tactics you might use, with whom, and why.

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    LDR 535 Week 5 Individual Assignment Client Interaction Strategy

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