Laws and Ethics CA



4-page paper in which you research a contemporary educational ethical issue where your personal beliefs and values may conflict with legal and societal expectations. The contemporary issue should involve widely accepted moral and ethical values that come in conflict with legal requirements and societal thought.


Address the following points in your case:


  1. Summarize the situation, present the legal stance, and assert what you believe the societal stance to be. Outline the expected consequences and benefits based on the accepted value systems.

  2. As an educational leader, if this issue arose in your institution, what course of action would you take? Would that course of action be based on your personal values or ethical decision making? How would you sell your ideas to other leaders, parents, students, and the community? If your ideas were not accepted, what would your fallback position be, if you had one?

  3. If your institution is a global organization, how would this change the nature of the issue and the course of action that would be taken as a leader?


Cranston, J., & Kusanovich, K. (2014). More drama in school leadership: developing creative and ethical capacities in the next generation of school leaders.


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