LAW/531 Week 2 Legal Forms of Business Paper / (Business law 531)

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Week 2 Legal Forms of Business Paper

Consider each of the following four forms of business organizations: sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company, and S corporation.  Discuss only these four forms.  When discussion partnerships, distinguish between "Limited Partnerships" and "General Partnerships" and discuss how liability and capital investment works in those two different types of partnerships. Develop a scenario for each of these for a business where it would be the appropriate form of business organization. 

For each scenario, explain the type of business and what its product or service would consist of.  For each type of business, explain the benefits/disadvantages of taxation on the business managers, owners, and investors; the liability for contracts entered into by the business, and torts committed by employees, the complexity of the reporting requirements, and the ability to bring in more investors or wind-down/dissolve the business.

Your paper must have for distinct sections with an appropriate heading, one for each of the four types of business organizations (sole proprietor, partnership, LLC, and S-Corp). Each of the four sections must be between 400-600 words. Your paper must include references to at least two peer-reviewed, academic journals.  Each section must contain at least one in-text citation to a source in your references.


Pursuant to University Standards, your paper must be in APA format.  Do not include an abstract.



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    LAW531 Week 2 Legal Forms of Business Paper

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