For Kim Woods Week 4 Assigment


Curriculum Development Model

There are many things to consider when developing curriculum. Some elements include who will be involved in the process and how the curriculum will be assessed in meeting its goals. For this assignment, you should either interview a district administrator in charge of facilitating curriculum development and revision or review K-12 Aligned Mathematics Curriculum: Bellevue School District and Curriculum Alignment. Describe which model (per the course textbook, pp. 373-384) is embodied via the curriculum design/revision processes and protocols as espoused by the district administrator or in the documents.

Then write a two- to three-page paper, excluding title and reference pages and using APA format, that identifies the district, and then describe and defend the model that is implemented in the curriculum development/revision process. In your description, discuss adopted policies and protocols that illustrate that the model you identified is being followed in the district. Be sure to include details and examples from the course textbook. In addition to the textbook, include at least one scholarly source in your description and defense of that particular model as the one being implemented by the district. Your paper and references must be formatted using APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

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