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DISCUSSION 1 150 words

Immigration In Your State Chain Immigration




Please visit the following link:


In the website, there is an interactive map where you go to your state, and then find out which region of the world has the highest number of immigrants in your state. Report this number, and then explain whether Chain Immigration (Ch 4) has any effect on this. 


For example, I am in Virginia, and Virginia has 917,500 immigrants, and there are 213,000 immigrants from Central America, which is the top immigrant origin group. After reporting this, I would need to explain whether Chain Immigration has any effect on this group to concentrate in a particular region of the USA. 


Class: Please report information on the above, and provide your thoughts as outlined.


Discussion 2 150 words

READ "Save Our History: Voices of Civil Rights," attach below

The rea documents the experiences of those involved in the civil rights movement.

Describe some of the experiences and how they contributed to legislation that addressed civil rights


Discussion 3 150 words

Watch "Indian Self-Rule," located on this week's Electronic Reserve Readings page. If it is not available, please watch the following:


What are some ways the experiences of Native Americans differ from other racial and ethnic groups? How has treatment of Native Americans differed from those of other groups?

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