Write a 4- to 5-page paper, introducing and prioritizing a portfolio of IT projects. This is an opportunity for you to be creative in this assignment.


Identify the IT projects for a real or made up company of your choice. You can draw on your past experience or create your own projects. Pick 3 to 5 projects so that you can compare projects described in the assignment. The paper must evaluate each identified project against the following criteria:


  • The project drives or creates more revenue for the corporation.
  • The project cuts the cost of doing business.
  • The project is mandated by laws (federal, state, county, or local) or executive orders.
  • The competitor has undertaken a similar project.


Develop a scoring system by weighting each criterion. In some IT projects, all may apply. Provide your analysis by observing how you evaluate each project in comparison to how the target organization evaluates each project.

Basically you need to create a list of 3 projects.


Create a brief list of criteria you are going to use to evaluate each project (ex: project will increase revenue, project will lower operating costs, project is required by regulatory agency for compliance, the project has already been done by competitors). It's best if you use the criteria specified in the assignment requirements.


If you want to you can weight each criterion on importance but it is not necessary.


Then create a scoring system ( 1-5, 1-10, Low-Med-High, 0 or 1, Yes or No, whatever.)


Evaluate each project against each criterion and assign the project a score for each criterion.


If the scores are numeric, add up the scores, or aggregate them in some way.


Rank the projects based on their total scores, and tell me which project is going to be planned and executed first.

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