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Fieldwork Assignment
. In this assignment, you will be tasked with researching a problem related to an issue you

care about, and finding multiple sources of primary data that will help you explain what steps others are taking to address the problem. This research can take many forms, including direct observation, interviews, surveys, and any other number of primary data collection methods. You will then be asked to present an argument about these solutions, noting patterns and suggesting what you have found to be the best practices for reform. 


Essay 6 pages (DS) (2100 words) 


my topic is nuclear energy will be our best solution in the future.

I did research on energy useage around the area in local energy deparment, the file is attached

I did observation to our power plant on campus(it is a coal burning plant with a lot of polution)

I interviewed the workers there and they indicated that we are burning more and more coal in order to meet our inceaseing demand on power.

our university's 2013 climate action commitment request us to reduce the green house ass emission in the future

my point of view is that nuclear is comparatively clean and sustainable to fossoil fuels. and it will be our best solution in the future.



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