For this assignment, you will continue to work on the security report for ABC, Inc. that you worked on in Weeks 1–3.In this week's assignment, you will consider event logging, antivirus software, and fault tolerance as well as the steps needed to verify the security recommendations you made in prior weeks and the current week.

Using your project report from W3 Assignment 2, complete the following tasks by adding 2- to 3-pages to the report:

  • Modify the plan created in W3 Assignment 2 to accommodate suggestions and recommendations from your instructor and your own changes based on the readings and activities for this week. Color code your changes to the report so that they are easy to identify.
  • Recommend a mechanism that will record event data on the folders for each department. What events should be logged and how often do these logs need to be reviewed?
  • Recommend an implementation for antivirus software. Suggest a product (or products) for the organization and explain your reason for choosing that product.
  • Recommend a mechanism for monitoring security alerts on the server. What types of events need to be monitored and how often do the security logs need to be reviewed by a human being as opposed to an automated process? Explain your answer.
  • Describe the implementation process and timeline for your recommendations. Try to give as reasonable a timeline as possible and explain your plan.
  • Expand the section of your report for verifying the implementation of the security recommendations for this week. Identify what is being tested for each verification activity. This should include testing activities to make sure the security system is working properly. An example of this would be using an intentionally incorrect password to make sure the system does not allow the login.
  • Why is mobile device security an important consideration?
  • Why is it important for businesses and home users to secure a wireless router? 
  • What additional protection does a VPN provide for traffic over a network?

Support your responses with appropriate research, reasoning, and examples.


Cite any sources in APA format.

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