You just presented the software development plan to the CIO with all of the notes and suggestions incorporated from the previous weeks, for final approval. The CIO has reviewed your software development project plan and found that several components were missing. Your task is to use the financial management software project as your base and prepare a report that describes how each of the following will be used to manage the software development effort.

  • Scheduling & Tracking Progress

  • Dependencies between tasks

  • Gantt charts with WBS and Milestones

  • Program Evaluation Review Technique (PERT)

  • Critical Path Method (CPM)

  • Configuration management

  • Risk management



You prepared a risk assessment and human resources plan in the previous week. Based on your previous report and after reviewing the project plan, the CIO has identified several concerns. The CIO has asked you to conduct research on project budgeting and estimation tools. You have been asked to incorporate project estimates techniques using PERT, Analogous, and Delphi into the software development plan. Make sure you also could include a discussion on Metrics as part of the project deliverable.

Also you will be submitting the overall plan, known as the Key Assignment Draft in the upcoming Discussion Board for a peer review. Please make sure your overall plan includes the items mentioned above and these items:

  • a company name

  • identify a software application/software development project

  • determine which software development method you would use and justify your recommendation

  • provide an outline of the software development project plan based on the development method you selected

  • also include project oversight considerations such as risk management, scheduling, budget, and configuration management



The CIO has also informed you that you must select software development methodology for the company's proposed financial management system. Please choose from the following methodologies and create a software development plan:

  • Traditional (Waterfall, Incremental, Spiral, etc.)

  • Agile (Scrum, Crystal, Adaptive, Feature-driven, DSDM, etc.)

  • Extreme Programming (XP)

You will use the software development model that you selected as the basis for your assignments for the remaining weeks of the course. The initial business requirements for the financial management system are outlined below.

The new system should be an end-to-end enterprise financial management solution designed to meet the needs of the most complex, multinational organizations. The ERP solution should be comprised of a robust set of applications that support all aspects of financial business activities and are listed below:


  • Financial and management accounting: Financials provides core accounting and reporting capabilities with scalability to support the requirements of large multinational companies. Key features and functions include the following:

    • Fixed asset, accrual, bank, cash journal, inventory, and tax accounting

    • General ledger

    • Accounts receivable and accounts payable AR/AP

    • Fast close functions

    • Financial statements

    • Parallel valuations

  • Financial supply chain management: The module should be a set of applications to help streamline receivables and collections management processes. These integrated solutions should help reduce operating costs and improve cash flow and reduce days' sales outstanding. The application should include the following application functionality:

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