Interpret and Communicate Articles


Literature Review:  Interpret and Communicate Articles


You will report and synthesize the findings of 5 qualitative and 5 quantitative articles into a paper of 850–1100 words. This is not a summary of the findings of the articles. This is a synthesis of 10 Articles. You will actually Interpret the 10 Articles which means you are blending at least the 10 articles (of which there must be 5 qualitative and 5 quantitative) into a findings report. Therefore, in this assignment you will focus on the findings and research methods of the articles. This assignment must be formatted in current Turabian style with reference page.

Note: The assignment does not call for summary or review of the articles. You must Intepret the Findings of the 10 articles.


Due by 10:00 p.m. (ET) Sunday October 9, 2016

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