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I am taking course innovation technology. I have five questions and I have their answers too. But I need to paraphrase the answers and adding more information for each question by reading the page that I attached.



1 .Explain how computer-aided design and flexible manufacturing technologies help create small niches in the market place. Provide an example to illustrate your answer(page 1 )


2. At a retreat by the Cleveland City Council, community leaders held a discussion on attracting and developing new businesses and increasing employment rates in the city. One leader suggested that the city should consider sponsoring a business incubator. Explain what an incubator is and how this might help the city meet its goals. What other ideas should be considered (page from 29 to 31 )


3. How can the s-curves be used as a prescriptive tool? What would be the limitations of this approach?(page 55 )


4. Explain what factors characterize the technology trajectory. Discuss the factors that determine the success of a new technology, besides its quality and technical advantage. Include a diagram showing the trajectory and the factor’s influence (page 72)



5. Even though many aerospace manufacturing firms are very profitable, there are very few upcoming firms. Explain the reason using Porter's five-force model. (112)

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