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You are being sent to China to run a division of your company's overseas operations. Let’s assume that you were born and raised in the United States and you have been managing for five years in your current position at a facility in the Mid West.

This paper has three parts

Part One: Compare and contrast the two country clusters (USA and China) along the dimensions listed below. Given the differences on each of the dimensions tell us how these differences would require you to adjust your American Cluster leadership style   For example, coming from a low power distance culture, how would a leader have to adjust his/her behavior to fit in with the high power distance culture? Where would our American Cluster manager have to retrofit her leadership style given the Confucian scores on the dimensions below?  What parts of her current style would still work in China? 

Power distance

Uncertainty Avoidance

Gender Egalitarianism

Institutional Collectivism

Future Orientation

Assertiveness orientation

Humane Orientation

Part Two:

List at least five norms for conducting business in China which our manager must be aware of. What impact would these norms have for how you would lead in this new environment.  How does this differ from how you currently lead, given US business practices.

Part Three:

Taking the findings from parts one and two, describe/summarize how you would have to  lead in this new cultural context. What worked for you in terms of leading and managing in the US may or may not work for you in China. How would you adapt to this new cultural situation and expectations?  What does an effective leader look like in China as compared to the US?


This is a research paper and you need to cite a minimum of 6 primary and or secondary sources outside or your textbooks.. Integrate findings from Adler's and Northouse's text as well into your paper. 12 point ariel. Cover sheet and references page.

Cover sheet

10 pages double-spaced

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