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Annotated Bibliography for Final Paper

After reading Chapter 6 of the Krause textbook and the lesson in the KU Writing Center on writing an annotated bibliography, you will have the tools you need to complete an annotated bibliography for your final paper in LS526. For each source on your annotated bibliography, include

  • An APA-style bibliographic citation in proper format

  • A brief summary of the thesis, likely intended audience, and purpose of the source

  • A brief evaluation of the reliability and validity of the source

  • A sentence or two reflecting on the potential usefulness of the source in your own research

Your annotated bibliography should contain no fewer than seven (7) sources, at least four (4) of which must be scholarly sources that are found in one of the KU Library databases.


  • Follow the conventions of Standard American English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.)

  • Display superior content, organization, style, and mechanics

  • Include a title page with full name, class name, section number, and date

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