I have 12 questions that needs to be answer. SHORT ANSWERS PLEASE


1. What are some of the challenges that could arise from setting up a file management system on a computer?

2. Why is a specific naming convention important in regards to your file management system?

3. Why is it important to have and use a consistent naming convention for your documents?

4. Why is it important to use dates in your file names?

5. What is the naming convention you will use to help keep your files organized at Independence University?     

6. In your opinion, is it more beneficial to have many folders or is it better to “nest” subfolders? Explain your


7. Why would the file name “Minutes from the meeting” not be a good file name choice?      

8.  Why are using some special characters (@, #, !, etc.) not a good idea?     

9.  What tools will you use to find your files if you are on a PC or on a Mac? Depending on the system you are using, try it and give an example of how it works.     

10. Provide examples of how you can use a computerized file management system in your life, other than for those that are school related.     

11. Why is it NOT a good practice to save everything on the desktop?     

12. The article begins with the author mentioning the need to find something from “three years ago”. How long do you see yourself saving files? Consider files that you may need to access in the future.     


                                      LINK: https://zapier.com/blog/organize-files-folders/


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