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It should be at least 6 pages long.

The best term paper project to work on is one that excites and interests you.  Below is a list of suggested topics; you may choose from this list or come up with a topic on your own.  This is a research paper.  You should cite at least three non-internet sources (books, journals, encyclopedias).  Citing internet sources is allowed, but don’t confine yourself to these.  Please be sure to include a bibliography.  There are a lot of good books on religion in the collection at  library.  You can also make use of the Summit system to borrow books from other Northwest libraries (allow 5 to 7 days for Summit books to arrive!).  If you write a biographical paper, be sure to do more than just tell the story of the life of your subject; place their life in the context of the religious tradition with which they are associated, indicating how their life exemplifies that tradition. 

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