Hypothesis Testing: Part II


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Review the first post BELOW.  In the context of the research question, discuss what the Type I Error and Type II Error would mean.
Recall that:Type I Error is defined as rejecting the null hypothesis when in fact it is true.  (e.g., “False Positive” , “False Alarm”,  innocent defendant found guilty)

Type II Error is defined as not rejecting the null hypothesis when in fact it should be rejected.  (e.g., “False Negative”, guilty defendant found not guilty)


 1st Post: In this age where pretty much everything is related to technology, were wonder how much is enough for our kids? Many people argue the behavioral effects of technology on our kids and rather blame it on medicine; however experts express a contrary statement, since 2007 there has been a 16% increase in A.D.H.D cases on school age children. Today we find that one in every five children are diagnosed with A.D.H.D, this increase is said to be caused by the increased of surreal time in our children’s lives. My hypothesis is that allowing our kids to use technology for more than two hours a day ultimately affects their behavior. Therefore:

H0:µy  2hours of daily technology does affect behavior.

H1:µY≥   2 Hours of daily technology use does not affect behavior.

Statistically speaking, on research done to 1,323 children between the ages 3 to 9 over the past thirteen months, found that children that spent more than two hours a day using technology were 1.6 to 2.1 times probable to have attention problems; the percentage on the outcome for attention problems is good enough compared to the sample size to make the confidence coefficient P (HO/HO IS TRUE). In conclusion, the null hypothesis is actually true, and the test correctly fails to reject it.



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 Review the 2nd post BELOW.  In the context of THIS research question, discuss the suggested level of significance, alpha.  Should it be smaller or larger? Why?

2nd post: What is the success rate of having a root canal performed that heals properly? Speaking directly with the Endodontics, Dr. Sam DeMartino, and he stated that root canals have an overall success rate of around 95-97% in primary molars. Asked how this percentage was determined and if there was a marginal error because we could not be certain due to not being able to track all root canal cases that is merely an estimate or done on a more specific number of cases.

Questioned this high success rate because there are quite a few patients to come back due to continued pain thus requiring additional adjustments or a retreat root canal. Worst case scenario a tooth will have to be extracted due to the root canal failing.

Null Hypothesis: Is to determine if the success rate of root canal therapy is reported at a 95% or  lessor percentage.

H0: ≥ 95 success rate

H1: < 95% success rate

In conducting research, I went in search for more information and to my surprise there were lots of studies to prove my theory. The first link was regarding the same topic in addition to comparing against dental implants on ncbi.gov. The research concluded that the highest percent was reported at 97%, proving that the hypothesis is ruled as true, rejecting our alternative H1


Document Requirements:

Use standard 12-point font size

MS Word Document 

3/4-1 page paper PER Post - there's two post(Nothing less then 3/4 of a page and nothing more then 1-page necessary)

1-2 sources in APA citation PER Post - there's two post(I willn't need anymore then 3 sources for sure)

Thorough Response is a must!!

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