Humanities unit 9 assignment


This is the scenario for the Final Project Assignment. A popular publishing company just asked you to write a travel guide about the beginnings and development of the Humanities throughout the world. Throughout your exploration in the Humanities this term, you learned about civilizations and cultures as well as their artistic products.

Just as you might pick up postcards on vacation and share some of your experiences with people who are not on the same journey, you’ll be making a set of postcards from Units 1-9 in the course. This will serve as a review of an element from each unit, as well as a chance to reflect on the items and ideas that stood out to you most clearly in the course. You’ll give your newly-discovered historical context for the materials on your postcard, and then you will explain the reason that the work became memorable to you.

Look for the ideas that connect with you, or that make you curious to learn more. You put together a travelogue in the form of postcards corresponding to each of the course units. In your travel guide, you will explain the history and meaning of what you learned about at least one site for each unit.

For this Project, you will create post cards from the PowerPoint template in Doc Sharing.

  • Begin with an introductory letter to your reader. In the letter, explain the significance of your travels and introduce the key themes visitors will encounter in your collection of postcards. Remember the reader is intellectually interested in knowing about the sites that he/she will encounter.
  • Then, decorate the front of your postcard with images from your travels, or titles and composers for pieces of music.
  • Complete the back of the postcard with a description of the culture or site you visited, commentary regarding your experience, and information about the location and its relevance. Explain what the image or piece of music is, and then explain why it mattered to you. Also, tell your reader why you think it would resonate with others as well.
  • Each postcard must include citations to your readings. You are also welcome to use another credible resource to give more context.
  • End your travel guide with a conclusion and farewell to your reader.

The work for this Assignment must be original to the Final Project and may not be writing and research from your Discussions or prior projects.

You can, however, use the material you developed in the Journal Tool throughout the course. If you used this tool to review the units as you moved through the course, much of the content for this Assignment should already be complete.

You will submit nine postcards documenting your travels for Units 1-9. Each card must be at least 150 words and incorporate key concepts from the course. Since citing sources demonstrates your ability to synthesize information and adds credibility to your claims, sources and images or links should be cited on each slide or in the speaker notes area. The Project should also have a reference slide.

This essay should be at least 1650 words. This includes the following: 150 words per postcard, 150 words for an introduction, and 150 words for a conclusion. The word count does not include the title slide and the references slide.

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