Human Resource Management- Performance Managment Systems


Due in 12 hours from 11:00 pm eastern standard time

Case study attached called-- Managing Talent: How Google Searches for Performance Measures

Answer the three questions below in a 2-3 page paper in apa format. Follow the project guidelines below.


1. Describe the five criteria for effectiveness of a performance management system and summarize how Google’s approach to performance management meets these criteria.

2. Identify errors that could arise in the way Google collects performance data on managers. Describe how it could minimize these errors.

3. Describe the steps or activities that might be involved in Google’s performance management process.


1. Use the Case Study Template Attached to format the paper.

2. Complete a 2-3 page paper (Not including the title and reference pages).

3. Answer each question thoroughly.

4. Demonstrate your understanding of the information presented in the weekly reading assignments by defining terms, explaining concepts, and providing detailed examples to illustrate your points.

5. Include at least three references from academic sources, to reinforce and support your own thoughts, ideas, and statements using APA citation style.

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