Human Biology intro and discussion section.

For this assignment choose either the Muscle Lab or Dive Response Lab and write the discussion and introduction sections of a lab report for one of these exercises. It should be noted that writing these two sections depends heavily on what the data in your lab exercise looks like so you may want to outline a results section for the exercise of choice. Discussion Section: -include the acceptance or rejection of your hull hypothesis -how do your results relate to current knowledge about the subject -are there any inconsistencies in your data? -what possible sources of error -what future possible questions could be asked as a result of this experiment Introduction: -need to include general background information on the variable being tested -what observation led to the question being asked -what was the hypothesis being tested These two sections should be written in the past tense and in paragraph format. Hypothesis for Hand exercise-> There is no relationship b/w visual cues and maintenance of grip force. Hypothesis for Dive reflex-> There is no relationship b/w submerging face in water and heart rate.
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