HSCO 502 week 1 discussion


Topic: Case Study

Thread: For your thread, you will develop a case study by creating a scenario involving a child between 3–12 years of age. Write as if the child is being referred to you or your agency for help with a presenting developmental or behavioral problem. Include adequate, yet concise information. You only need to include the most relevant details. This should include demographics, family dynamics, parenting styles, cultural considerations, influence of religion, behavioral history of the child, temperament, and other pertinent facts that make your case unique. Do not make your presenting problem a mental illness diagnosis like bipolar disorder or conduct disorder. Instead, the issue must be relevant to development and the challenges related to development for a child this age. You must include enough detail and clarification that your classmates can analyze your case study using the theories and developmental concepts from the readings during Modules/Weeks 1–2.

(Brief Example: John is 3 years old and has just been placed in foster care. His parents were arrested after it was discovered that they were manufacturing methamphetamines in their home. His foster parents say that he cries uncontrollably and has tremors. He does not walk well and has a limited vocabulary for his age. They wonder if he has been exposed to drugs. Apparently, John and his mother stayed in the home and rarely left. The father worked various day jobs, sold drugs, and was only home late at night. His mother was very protective and affectionate towards him but established very few rules, and he was allowed to wonder freely in the home, eat when he wanted to, and sleep wherever he wanted to.)

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