HRM 587 Managing Organizational Change

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HRM 587 Managing Organizational Change

HRM 587 Week 1

Course Project Managing Organizational Change Part 1; Topic Selection

(TCO 1 A, B) Threaded Discussions, Stories for Change

(TCO 2 A, B) Threaded Discussions, Pressures for Change


HRM 587 Week 2

Course Project Part 2, Images of Change – Oracle’s Acquisition of Sun Microsystems and SAP’s Acquisition of Sybase

Course Project Images Grid; Director, Navigator and Interpreter

(TCO 1 C, D) Threaded Discussions, What Changes in Companies

(TCO 2 C, D) Threaded Discussions, Green Mountain Resort Case Analysis


HRM 587 Week 3 

(TCO 1 B, D) Threaded Discussions, The Diagnostic Models

(TCO 2 B, D) Threaded Discussions, Force Field Analysis


HRM 587 Week 4

Course Project Part 3, Diagnosing the Change

(TCO 2 F) Threaded Discussions, Barriers to Change, Scenario 1 and 2

(TCO F 1) Threaded Discussions, Emotional Intelligence-Overcoming Resistance


HRM 587 Week 5

(TCO 1 E) Threaded Discussions, Organizational Development Theory and Practices

(TCO 2 E) Threaded Discussions,Step Practices


HRM 587 Week 6

Change Plan Grid

Course Project Part 4, Communicating the Change

(TCO 2 G) Threaded Discussions, Types of Communication Methods

(TCO G 1) Threaded Discussions, Tyco Case Study


HRM 587 Week 7

Course Project Part 5, Annotated Bibliography

Week 6 Case Study Tyco

(TCO 1 H) Threaded Discussions, Chapter 12 NASA Case Study

(TCO 2 H) Threaded Discussions, Cracking the Code-HBR Article

HRM 587 Week 8 Final Exam 1

HRM 598 Week 8 Final Exam 2



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