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Corporate ethics have been the focus of increased attention in recent years. Many companies have looked to their HR team to develop a comprehensive ethics policy.

You are tasked with developing an ethics policy for a jewelry company. After meeting with the CEO, you both agree the policy must cover the following: gifts from vendors, use of confidential information, and conflicts of interest. You take your challenge to an HR networking group.

Group Portion A:

  • Using the Small Group Discussion Board, share your thoughts on the value of an ethics policy to ensure compliance with legal and ethical standards. What measures do you feel should be taken to ensure the policy is enforced? What issues need to be considered when implementing an ethics policy?
  • Delegate parts of the policy and communication plan to team members to be researched and designed.

Individual Portion: Respond to your portion of the policy and communication plan.

Note: You are required to use a minimum of 4 scholarly references in your research. Ensure that citations and references are formatted in compliance with APA style.

Please add your file.

Group Portion B:

  • As a second step of this assignment and as a team, develop a sample policy to be presented to the CEO. Come to consensus on the parameters of the policies and a communication plan.
  • Review each other’s policy and plan deliverables. As a group, compose a cover note outlining the purpose of the policy and benefits to the organization. Add your file to the Small Group area
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