• Write a 1 and 1/2 page essay discussing the laborer unrest in America from 1877 to the 1970s
    • Discuss the acts, congress, organizations, and conflicts and consequences.
    • You choose what you want to discuss from the above mention discussion topics, however you must have plenty examples (historical evidence or historical examples).
    • This is not an opinion essay, but based on historical evidence.
  • Use the following readings materials to write your essays:
    • Course Textbook
    • American Perspectives Articles (must use at least 3 articles): 
      • Chapter 1—“The Railroad Strike,” “The Homestead Strike,” “Coeur d’Alene,” “The Pullman Strike,”  and “The Railroad Strike”
      • Chapter 7—“Ludlow,” “The Steel Strike,” and “The Herrin Massacre”
      • Chapter 8—“The President Wants You To Organize”
      • General directions for all essays
          • Write 1 ½ page essay on each topic. All essays should have an introduction (three sentences), two body paragraphs (five or more sentences each), and conclusion (three sentences). Avoid your opinion.
          • Time New Roman 12 font, double spacing.
          • You choose what you want to discuss from the previous discussion topics, however you must have plenty of historical examples (historical evidence).  Follow all statements by an example. Each body paragraph must have historical examples from the reader American Perspectives and your course required textbook only.
          • You must use the articles from the course required reader American Perspectives and your course required textbook. Only use your course materials, no outside sources needed or can be used.
          • No excessive quoting. Five words quoted together or apart is excessive. Please paraphrase all work as much as possible, followed by a citation (footnote).
          • You must have footnotes and a bibliography page.
          • Must have assignment heading.
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