Hiring the right people HSM450 #3 critical thinking


In this module you have studied the importance and benefits of networking within the human services field.  As a manager within a human services organization, create an audio podcast that will be broadcast to all of your staff, as well as staff in other departments.  Address the following:

  1. Why is networking important, in general, to an organization?
  2. Why is networking important, specifically within Human Services?
  3. Why is networking beneficial to individual employees?  What does it provide? 
  4. List several options for networking; these can include professional organizations (local and national), conferences, public events, and/or online services/programs.

Your podcast must be at least five minutes in duration and cover the items listed above.  You will need to utilize the free Vocaroo tool to record your podcast.  http://vocaroo.com/. Once you have completed your podcast, the site will give you a specific web link for it.  You must submit a Word document that contains your name, the title of your podcast, the Vocaroo link, and the notes you used during your recording.

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