help me for my Natural Resource Economics essay. prepare a short Policy Brief



1. Water rights trading as a way to address scarcity in water resources

a. Can be applied to cases in Alberta (Athabasca, South Saskatchewan Rivers) or elsewhere.

2. Conservation through payments for ecosystem services.

a. Can be applied to wildlife habitat (in Alberta, elsewhere)

3. Transferable development rights as a mechanism for maintaining rural landscape amenities.

a. Can also consider development charges and taxes as additional incentives to reduce urban sprawl

4. Wetlands offsets and banking as wetland conservation mechanisms.

5. Transferable quotas as a solution to global fisheries problems.

6. Carbon offsets and biological approaches for reducing greenhouse gas emissions

a. Can be applied to forestry based offsets

b. Can be applied to agricultural carbon sequestration programs

c. Can be applied to biofuels/bio-energy regulations

7. Green accounting (i.e., the inclusion of natural capital) as a sustainability-promoting alternative to traditional


economic measures.

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