I need ar least 500 Words about this subject (( In a five- or six-paragraph essay, compare and contrast the diets and foods of two different countries or cultures ))


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Comparing and Contrasting We often compare and contrast two or more options in an essay to come to a decision or explain a preference. When comparing and contrasting two or more options in writing, discuss similarities and differences between the two subjects. All essays have three main parts: an introduction paragraph, a number of body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph. An introduction paragraph starts with opening hook to get the reader interested in the topic. The introductory paragraph explains the purpose of the writing and includes the thesis statement. The thesis statement indicates two or three people, places, things, or concepts (main idea) and compares and/or contrasts them to show their similarities and/or differences (the controlling idea). Body paragraphs divide the thesis statement into a number of similarities and/or differences that further support and provide evidence for the claim. It is a good idea to put the sub-topics into some order (e.g., most to least important). Ideas can be organized in block or point-by-point pattern. • In a block pattern, compare all of the similarities and then, contrast all of the differences, or discuss all of the points of comparison about each option separately. • In a point-by-point pattern, organize by categories or "points of comparison." Discuss the similarities and differences for the options for each category. • A concluding paragraph summarizes the main point and sub-points and finishes up the essay with a final thought, suggestion, or prediction related to the reason for writing.



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