6.3.11 StudyExplore Presentations: Video Scripting
English 9 
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This study sheet will help you to write a rough draft of the assignment that you will revise later on. Answer the following questions as you work through your study to build a strong and successful script and video.

Your Assignment:

Script and shoot a video version of Macbeth that's exactly 60 seconds long. 

You will . . .

  • Use digital media, specifically video, to enhance and add interest to a presentation
  • Create language for a video script
1. What form will your video take? Do you want to involve your friends as actors, or do you want to use puppets or do something totally different instead?

2. What did you find most memorable about Macbeth?

3. How will you establish the setting for your adaptation? What will be the first shot that you open with?

4. Which characters do you think you'll use in your adaptation? Who will you have to not include that you would like to?

5. What will the basic plot of your adaptation be?

6. What will the pacing of your adaptation be like? Make a preliminary outline with the number of seconds per scene, as was done for the Steeple Manor story.

7. What will the script of your adaptation be like? (Remember, the entire script needs to consist of lines from Shakespeare's play.)

8. Describe your storyboards. For a rough guide, think one or two storyboards per scene and match them up with the lines from the script that will be in each scene.


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