Health Unit Coordinator Unit V Project


Unit V Project  

Create a brochure/pamphlet/newsletter, which can be done in Microsoft Word or a similar software, for all the members of the health care team in your unit about how to maintain a healthy and safe environment. 


The project should include the following criteria:


 List each department that interpret and implement the regulations set forth by regulatory agencies as well as a description of each.

 Identify a set of emergency codes for the health care unit. Describe the policies and procedures of each type of code (cardiac arrest, fire, weather, etc.)

 Discuss different types of isolation.

 Identify and explain infection control measures.


Use information from your textbook as well as outside sources. Be as creative as possible by using different colors, fonts, or even graphics. Please be sure to properly cite and reference all sources, including your textbook, to avoid plagiarism.


APA Format

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