Has to be don on friday


These are two different papers and have to be done on separated papers One is a discussion and the other one is a APA style paper and a example is supplied

This is the discussion



State and Local Law Enforcement and Homeland Security

How should state and local law enforcement be used in homeland security?



This is the Paper needs to be 2 pages and have a abstact, Body,Conclusion and a reference page should look like this and a sample paper provided.



Bamberger, M. (2002). The kids are all right. Sports Illustrated, 97(9), 48.
The federal incorporation of little league. (n.d.). Little League Online. Retrieved from




The U.S. Intelligence Community

Discuss the structure of the U.S intelligence community. Is it effective? If not, what changes should be made?

Papers must follow APA format and parenthetical citations and reference list are required.



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