GradingSystem Visual Basic 2010 Solution

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Design a project to allow a student to access current grades and/or create a "What-if" situation on a continuing basis to understand where they are at any given point in the semester. You will need to calculate multiple grades for exams, quizzes and assignments.
Single grades will be calculated for attendance and this final semester project. Required List: 1. Record grades with the following attributes: a. First name, middle initial and last name b. SS # (can be fabricated) c. 2 exams d. 4 quizzes e. 6 assignments
f. This final project g. Attendance h. Numeric grade i. Alphabetic grade 2. General controls: a. Label b. TextBox c. Command button d. Timer e. Image/picture box f. List box 3. Option buttons with frame 4. MsgBox - Exit and Quit with the usual "Are you sure?"
5. InputBox with Sentinel value 6. Menu (make a menu for Exit/Quit) 7. Accommodate multiple exams, quizzes and assignments; control grade ranges (0-100) for all entries. 8. Calculate Final Grade (numeric portion) using the following scale: a. Assignments 20
% b. 2 Exams 30 % c. Semester Project 25 % d. Attendance 10 % (19 classes = 100 % attendance) e. 4 Quizzes 15 % f. Total 100 % 9. Convert numeric grade to alphabetic grade (A, B, etc) a. Optional added feature: A=Excellent!, B=Very Good, C=Good, etc 10. Slash
Screen a. Course ID b. Title c. Instructors name d. Your name e. Current Semester f. CRN number, with dates and time of class g. Include a graphic picture in association with the school or project 12. Generate a report using the data environment 13. Format
"Fixed" decimal places when ever necessary. Optional List: 1. Tabs 2. Frames with option buttons 3. ToolTips 4. Control Array - use the security project for password protection allowing the Instructor to Edit the grades, but locking out the student for changing
grades. 5. Grade Exclamations (A=Excellent!) 6. Must use at least one Date/Time feature 7. Password 8. Internet 9. Data Transfer 10. Sound 11. Animation 12. List of what you did to create the project and tell where the "Optional" items are at to be noticed
by the instructor. (make this form go away with a button after the instructor has read it, but allow him to recall it at any time for review.) 13. Code enhancements 14. Anything else that can enhance this presentation.


Subject: Visual Basic 2010


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