Global Business communication


Prepare a one paragraph response to each discussion.

  • From  life and work experiences, discuss some of the problems or pitfalls of conducting business on the telephone and through e-mail; how about other tools such as video conferencing and chatting?
  • Describe some ways in which one might use the knowledge of body language to your advantage in the business setting. Is body language controllable? If your answer is yes; discuss how. Otherwise, explain why.
  • As you know, the IT industry is becoming increasingly globalized due to outsourcing. Select a country that your industry is likely to outsource to. Using the Internet, find three distinct cultural traits that might affect how you communicate with people from that country. Discuss the cultural differences and how they are likely to change the way you interact on the job. How would you mitigate the effect of the language barrier?


Grading criteria


Support your work, must cite sources and provide references for the citations in APA format.


Writing Mechanics (spelling, grammer,and APA format) and information literacy.


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