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Questions 1 to 20: Select the best answer to each question. Note that a question and its answers may be split across a page
break, so be sure that you have seen the entire question and all the answers before choosing an answer.
1. The floor of a rectangular deck has an area of 600 sq. ft. The floor is 20 ft. wide. How long is the floor?
A. 20 ft.
B. 15 ft.
C. 45 ft.
D. 30 ft.
2. If a triangle has a height of 12 in. and a base of 5 in., what is its area?
A. 30 sq. in.
B. 60 sq. in.
C. 45 sq. in.
D. 90 sq. in.
3. Sheri's freezer is 2 feet wide, 6 feet long, and 2 feet deep. What is the volume of her freezer?
A. 10 cubic feet
B. 12 cubic feet
C. 24 cubic feet
D. 4 cubic feet
4. If a triangle has a height of 14 inches and a base of 9 inches, what is its area?
A. 63 square inches
B. 135 square inches
C. 46 square inches
D. 126 square inches
5. What is the area of an equilateral triangle with sides of 10 inches and height of 7 inches?
A. 44 sq. in.
B. 70 sq. in.
C. 20 sq. in.
D. 35 sq. in.
6. Joel is laying pipe for a sprinkler system before he plants his lawn. The lawn is a rectangle, 15 feet long
and 8 feet wide. He needs to lay a piece of pipe that will be run along the diagonal of the lawn. It will
divide the area of the lawn into two right triangles. What will be the length of that diagonal piece of pipe?
A. 120 feet
B. 289 feet
C. 23 feet
D. 17 feet
7. The distance from the center of a round table top to the edge of the table top is 4 ft. What is the area of
the table top?
A. 25.14 sq. ft.
B. 50.24 sq. ft.
C. 16 sq. ft.
D. 38 sq. ft.
8. What is the area of a square television screen with 16-inch sides?
A. 64 square inches
B. 160 square inches
C. 256 square inches
D. 32 square inches
9. The diameter of a Frisbee is 12 in. What is the area of the Frisbee?
A. 18.84 sq. in.
B. 452.16 sq. in.
C. 113.04 sq. in.
D. 37.68 sq. in.
10. What is the length of missing side b in the figure below?
11. Look at the parallelogram below. Ð1 and Ð3 are each 35°.
What is the measurement of Ð2?
A. 115°.
B. 70°.
C. 290°.
D. 145°.
12. Using the Pythagorean Theorem, find the length of a leg of a right triangle if the other leg is 8 feet long
and the hypotenuse is 10 feet long.
A. 4√ 41
B. 6
C. 12.81
D. 36
13. What is the correct name for the triangle below?
A. Right triangle
B. Equilateral triangle
C. Scalene triangle
D. Isosceles triangle
14. The area of a square game board is 144 sq. in. What is the length of one of the sides of the board?
A. 12 in.
B. 72 in.
C. 8 in.
D. 36 in.
15. What is the perimeter of a rhombus-shaped street sign with a 35-cm side?
A. 1,225 cm
B. 140 cm
C. 280 cm
D. 70 cm
16. What is the perimeter of a rhombus-shaped highway sign with a 20-centimeter side?
A. 20 centimeters
B. 40 centimeters
C. 80 centimeters
D. 400 centimeters
17. What is the volume of a cube shaped box with edges 6 cm. in length?
A. 1,296 cu. cm.
B. 18 cu. cm.
C. 36 cu. cm.
D. 216 cu. cm.
18. The area of a gymnasium floor is 264 square yards. The floor is 11 yards wide. How long is the floor?
A. 242 yards
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