gender stereotype(seminar presentation)

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This is a seminar presentation about gender issues and the aspect is gender stereotype.

Should be logically presented,clear, easy to follow, and have a clear sense of purpose.
Should be cohesive (ie each point logically connected)
INTRODUCTION: what are you going to do in the paper. Must include an outline or scope of main points to be covered.
MAIN BODY: the logical point by point development of your argument or analysis.
GRAMMAR: sentence structure should be such that listeners can understand with the little or no difficulty.
ACADEMIC VOCABULARY/LANGUAGE: Cohesion should be evidenced by use of connectors, reference words, substitution, ellipsis and collocation. Need to acknowledge the authors of the article you used.
CONCLUSION: weigh up the arguments.Include a summary of main points covered an appropriate final statement ie it should relate back to the topic.
Summarize concisely the main points of your paper at the end of presentation.

At the end of paper can you give me:
A summary of the main points of the paper,
diagrams to illustrate concepts , relationships , illustrate factual input by things such as pictures ,models ,graphs and tables.
And bibliography(don't use wikipedia)

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    gender stereotype(seminar presentation)

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