Fundamentals of Database Systems


You have completed the database design for the solution of new database you selected in week 1 in Microsoft Access; the final step is to submit the database for implementation. After you have created the remaining pieces needed for the application, submit your Microsoft Access Database file for final review.

The final application (and submission) should include the following in the Microsoft Access database:

  • The Tables and Relationships created in the Week 4 IP.
  • The 3 Queries created in the Week 4 IP.
  • 1 Menu.
  • 2 Forms.
  • 2 Reports (one for the M:M Relationship Query).

Add Screenshots of the Menu, Forms and Reports to the section in your template titled: The Microsoft Access Application.

  • Update the TOC to reflect the new section.
  • Name the document CS251_<First and Last Name>_Final.doc.
  • Submit the document for grading.
  • Submit your database file to the Submission Area.
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