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Learn IT! #4

In this assignment, you will get to work with a live SAP system as you work through two processes for a fictitious energy bar company, FitterSnacker

Choose 1 of 4 options (highly suggest option 1)

1.Complete the assignment in the lab where the SAP Helpdesk is being run during one of the times when one of our student SAP consultants are working. 

2.Students can also use any of the machines in Speakman and Alter Halls.  However, no help from the student SAP consultants unless they are in the right lab at the right time.

3.Students can use their own machines but they will need to install the SAPGUI on their machine.  Temple does not provide any support for this but students have never had any problems doing this in the past.

4.Students can use a browser to access the SAP system.  The screens look a little different from the screen shots in the assignment which can confuse some students but most can figure out how to get around.

Ignore the Link name since it refers to assignment 3 since we swapped it, but the link and documents are correct.  READ THE DIRECTIONS VERY CAREFULLY and FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS VERY CAREFULLY! 
Learn IT! #3 – How to Use SAP
Learn IT! #3 – Exercise 1 of 2 – Sales Order Exercise 
Learn IT! #3 – Exercise 2 of 2 – HR Exercise


Your SAP Access information is on the spreadsheet link: learnit4-sap-userids.

It includes the System Name (a.k.a. SAPGUI – System ID), Client Number, UserID and initial password.


SAP Help Desk Hours – schedule available here

The SAP help-desk is meant to provide students assistance from Kasey, Marlea and the ITAs with the SAP LEARN IT assignment. The help-desk is located in Alter 602, and students can stop by to get help according to the schedule. Basically, it’s extended office hours for this specific assignment.


Save your word document of deliverables with the naming convention:


and email it from your Temple email account to:

[email protected]


DUE DATE: Wednesday, November 9, 2016


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