Final Project


My occupation would be an Accountant


Focus Option 2: Education and Occupation Focus

For the final project, you will research your chosen field of interest to discover the possibilities therein. The objective of this assignment is for you to connect your academic journey with your professional journey.

Hint:   For this paper, be sure to address the questions presented in the assignment.   


The topic for this paper is your occupation.  


The assignment presents the following questions to address in your final paper: 


1. When you graduate, what field will you choose for your occupation? What career feeds your passion? Your hopes? Your dreams?


2. Discover ….


·      what technological competencies are needed for your field


·      the opportunities that are available


·      the typical job duties or functions required in this field 


·      the education necessary to succeed (degrees, certificates, specific courses, internships, etc.)?


·      the  pros and cons


·      the demand for positions in this field?


3. Identify the professional associations, memberships, or organizations affiliated with your occupational field.


4 . After completing the research, you will need to analyze what you have found and put it into perspective:


  • Do you think you are making the correct decisions about your career path?
  • Does your college plan provide you with the courses you need to succeed in your chosen career?
  • What are the next steps? 


 5. When you write about whether this professional field is the correct for you, incorporate some of the concepts you learned during this course, including those pertaining to learning styles, technological competencies, time management skills, personality, etc.   Use what you have learned about yourself this term to inform your career decision. 


Please note: If you have not decided what field you will follow when you graduate, choose one or two that interest you. This is your opportunity to explore!  If you are already in your chosen field, take this time to explore projections about changes and future growth. 


Final Project Format: Use the following guidelines for each option.

Your paper should be submitted as a Word document with the following requirements:


Title page:     The title page should have your last name with the page number in the top right-hand corner. Then, centered halfway down the paper, include the following items: title, your name, name of college, course name, and submission date. For example:




 Smith 1




Mary Jane Smith

University of Maryland University College

EDCP 100

December 31, 2014




Introduction: Introduce your project to the reader.  Remember to review the grading rubric to include the necessary items of the introduction.   


The paper should be at least 600 words (not including title page and references).


The top, bottom, left, and right margins should be one inch.


The paper should be double-spaced.


Each new paragraph should begin with a tab.

Page numbers

Each page should be numbered, beginning with page 1. The page number should be positioned in the top right-hand corner of the paper; your last name should be positioned next to each page number.

Citations / References

You must read and cite a minimum of four articles using the APA format. 


The format for the reference page is as follows: Type the title "References" at the top of a new page. This title is centered; the first letter is uppercase; the letters are not in quotes, bolded, italicized, or underlined.  Then, type the references for your articles. Each reference should be double-spaced with a hanging indent (i.e., the first line is left-justified and every line after is indented). 


Style and Mechanics

This is a final project, and therefore, it should be your highest-quality work. Here are some guidelines:




  • Language style. Your language should be clear, concise, and emphatic; that is, each sentence should be direct and easy to understand, and should make an important point. Avoid using filler sentences or impressive vocabulary words that add nothing to the content. Simple is usually better.
  • Tone. The writing in your final project should have a scholarly, conversational tone. Avoid contractions, idioms, slang, and text language.
  • Mechanics. Errors in spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and grammar do affect readability. Spell checkers and grammar checkers are useful tools, but there is no substitute for double-checking your work. It is recommended that you proofread your work at least three times. It is also recommended that you read your work out loud to yourself or to an audience to ensure that your words and meaning are clear.



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