Final Exam / Project

Use the concepts that you have learned in this class as well as your research skills in order to write a complete, well organized research paper using APA format. The criterion for the paper is outlined below. Upload the paper as a MicroSoft Word attachment. 

The general topic is: Multiculturalism in the United States.

Decide whether you will approach the topic from a "melting pot perspective" or a "salad bowl perspective." Either perspective is fine as long as you support your perspective with concepts from the text and your research. Be sure to state which perspective that will be utilized in your paper in the introductory paragraph. Include specific information on specific racial, ethnic, and religious groups in well organized paragraphs. (A paragraph is approximately five to eight sentences in length.)

1.  Use APA style throughout the paper.

2.  Include an APA cover-page with the following information:

    Running Head, Announcement of the Running Head, name of the paper, your name, 

    name of the college.  (No other information on the cover.)

3.  Be sure to set 1 inch margins on top, bottom, left side, and right sides of the page.

4.  ORGANIZE your ideas and facts into paragraphs.

5.  Do not use first person singular or plural. That is "I" or "we" Instead use the passive voice. Research that is you need to.

Example 1: 

Do not write "I like the fact that the people of the United States are comprised of many races," instead use APA structure. "The fact that all races, ethnicities, and religions comprise the population of the United States is appealing to many." 

Example 2: 

Do not write, "We are a multicultural nation." 

Instead write: "The United States is a multicultural nation."

6. Double space the entire paper and indent each paragraph.

7. Provide APA citations.

8. Provide a reference page.

9. Use 12 pt font - either Arial or Times New Roman. (Arial is preferred.)

10. Use only standard English, correct grammar, and spelling.

Do not use the vernacular or slang expressions. Utilize the MCC Writing Center as needed and call your instructor if you need any clarification.

Your final paper should be at least seven pages in length - not including the cover page - but it may be longer if you need more pages to demonstrate your learning and research. Increased quantity does not make up for lack of quality content, organization, and adherence to APA standards. Feel free to call Dr. Adams early if you have any questions, as there will be no extensions on the deadline for the final project worth 500 points.

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